The future of 5G in Indonesia, the price of data is 9 times cheaper

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The future of 5G in Indonesia, the price of data is 9 times cheaper

The future of 5G in Indonesia, the price of data is 9 times cheaper

The implementation of 4G in all corners of Indonesia is not over yet, the government, sellers and operators now have a new "duty", namely 5G.

Ericsson Indonesia board chairman Jerry Soper said the 5G generation is now here and is becoming a global debate.

"5G is already here, it's happening all over the world, and in 2019, 5G will live and grow around the world," he said on Thursday.

Soper explained that the increase would take place in various sectors with the presence of 5G. By 2024, mobile data traffic will increase by up to five times.

"In addition, 25% of mobile data traffic will be routed by 5G, traffic will be dominated by 5G," he added.

Soper explained three main points that concern the operator.

First, the growth of mobile data traffic is followed by a drop in price per kilobyte.

"Prices can go down 9 times cheaper with 5G technology," added Soper.

Second, operators can define their operational expenses (OPEX) and their operational efficiency with the implementation of 5G. Because the technology offered by 5G can make energy more efficient.

Third, with all the technological improvements, operators can "secure" revenue growth.

"This is one of the most important for operators," said Soper.

Although 5G is ready to be organized, Soper said it still needs the support of 4G. It has several technologies allowing operators to manage 4G and 5G in the same spectrum band.

In the same vein, the director of resource management at the Ministry of Communication and Information, Denny Setiawan, revealed that the regulator was conducting a study to determine needs and prepare for 5G.

Because the implementation of 5G still faces many obstacles and challenges ranging from spectrum requirements to regulation.

"We do not know when, God willing, maybe another year or two," he said.

Therefore, he added the need for a working group of all parties to immediately implement the 5G.
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