Rules of play Use the roof cab during the homecoming

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Rules of play Use the roof cab during the homecoming

Rules of play Use the roof cab during the homecoming

Returning to the country with a private car is not only about transporting passengers, but also luggage. It is not uncommon for travelers to be overwhelmed by the layout of the space, as the cabin is full of passengers, while many cargoes are still traveling to their hometown.

One solution to this problem is to increase the space using the roof of the car. However, the treatment of the airy outside can not be done without precaution.

From the appearance of the car seen in the interurban streets when returning home, travelers usually carry their goods on the roof in many ways. Among other things, tie the items with a rope, then cover the tarpaulin and use accessories such as a roof box.

Sony Susmana, the Indonesian Security and Defense Consultant (SDCI), explained that increasing the load on the roof of the car meant moving the center of gravity higher. If this is done, the balance point of the car will be different from the usual one.

The driver must understand the shift of the gravity point so that the driving model can adapt. One adjustment is to reduce the speed of the car by about 10 km per hour from the normal limit.

"For example, there is a speed limit of 60 km / h for signs, which is 50 km / h," Sony said at a meeting in Jakarta on Sunday (5/26).

When you place objects on the roof, even if you feel well attached, you may start to move because of the movement of the car. In order to keep the balance at least not too changed, Sony said that travelers should also understand the procedures for establishing the situation.

"We recommend that the above be light, not heavy, because it is not safe," he said.

Roof rack and roof box

For those who wish to be safer and less troublesome when loading and unloading, the roof box can be an option to add luggage. Even in this case, the use of a roof box should not be negligent.

Before buying a roof box, there are several factors to consider. Here is the explanation, quoted on the official website of Daihatsu Indonesia.

Before buying a roof box, you must of course a roof rack. The roof rack is a support frame that is attached to the roof of the car as the base of a roof box. The material used is usually steel or aluminum.

Each of these materials has its own advantages. The steel is more resistant but heavy, it will affect the state of the roof of the car. If the steel roof rack is installed on a car that is not strong enough, it can be dangerous.

Aluminum roof bars are lighter than steel, but this type is not recommended for heavy objects. So adjust the items you want to transport with the type of roof rack.

Once the choice of roof rack is complete, select the size of the roof box. The size of the roof box is diverse and it should be designed according to the size of the car.

Pay attention to the shape of the roof box

One thing to keep in mind, poor installation of the roof box will reduce the aerodynamic aspects. The existence of the tool slightly modifies the flow of the wind and has the effect of a resistance on the direction of the car.

Then make sure that the selected roof box has an aerodynamic shape, it is recommended to choose the shape of the conical front part. Keep in mind that aerodynamics contributes 5% to energy efficiency.

Easy to use

Choosing a roof box is not difficult to use. Choose a roof box that is not too complicated to open for easy loading and unloading. In addition to adjusting it also with the budget.

Maximum length of the car

Each car has the power of different pillars. The maximum size of the roof box is recommended equal to half the length of the bodywork.

Another thing to consider is when installing. Roof racks and roof boxes are elements of the car rarely seen during the trip. So make sure everything is safe so that it is not embarrassing or dangerous.
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