Prevent fatigue when driving a return trip

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Prevent fatigue when driving a return trip

Prevent fatigue when driving a return trip

To come and go by private car will certainly be faced with unusual road conditions. The trip will tire the body because the distance traveled differs from daily driving activities.

Tired because driving over long distances can be caused by various things.

Therefore, the driver must understand the correct tips when traveling long distances to his home city. Here is a summary of driving over long distances to be safe and comfortable.

The position of the body

Pay attention to the body position not too close to the steering wheel. This step is necessary so that the driver is free to handle the steering wheel.

Drivers must also ensure that the seats are arranged as comfortably. The position of the arm should not be too bent and too straight when the hand holds the steering wheel.

Close the back to the back of the chair

The backrest should always be attached to the back of the wheelchair to minimize injury in an accident. But keep in mind, even if your back is attached to the back of the chair, make sure the view to see the rearview mirror is not disturbed.

Position of the hand when you hold the steering wheel

There are two ways to hold the steering wheel to the right so that the driver relaxes and turns the steering wheel easily when maneuvering left or right.

First for small cars or sedans, the position of the needle must follow the direction of the 10-hour hand (left hand) and 2 (right hand). Although the car is larger than a minibus, the hand can be positioned at 9 o'clock (for the left hand) and 3 (for the right hand).

Position of the foot

The foot becomes an important instrument for the driver when he presses on the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals. Therefore, the feet must be comfortable during driving activities.

The position of the foot should not be too bent. If the legs are too bent, the blood circulation is disrupted and the driver quickly feels tired.
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