Instagram Comment on Ikea Adverts in the Social Media

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Instagram Comment on Ikea Adverts in the Social Media

Instagram Comment on Ikea Adverts in the Social Media

Instagram commented on the fraudulent ads from the Ikea furniture store. Putri Silalahi, head of Asia Pacific communication for Instagram, avoids talking about an Instagram ad.
"It's not IG, the sign indicates that the photo has been changed," he told the press team in Facebook's common room in Jakarta on Tuesday (5/14).

But when it was emphasized that many claimed to have been deceived by the advertisement, Putri said she had rules and recitations before it was posted on her platform.

"For example, if you have a company like UKM, you want a promotion on Instagram, Instagram will review the ad in accordance with community guidelines or not, the source comes from a reliable source.We are very strict and cautious."

"And we see the sources that put the commercials in. So, if it's not Ikea, we'll know it," he said.

Previously, a user, Adrianus F. Tumewu, had created the Instagram Stories content, which showed that there were fake Ikea promotional ads appearing on Instagram. Advertisements offer up to 50% off Ikea furniture products.

These are even very "intentional" tricks by creating sites very similar to the Ikea site. However, there are strange things on the site. First from the URL or the address of the site www.ikea-id.com. While the address of the original site is www.ikea.co.id.

In addition, the fake site is also designed specifically for mobile users, so the site will look messy when opened on a laptop. Adrian even consulted the hosting site to find out when the www.ikea-id.com address was created. It turns out that the address was only registered on March 7, 2019.

These fraudsters are quite sophisticated and have even deliberately created a virtual account at BNI Bank under the name IKEA. After lingering on the fake Ikea site, Adrianus received a warning on the site "If you do not want to be cheated, do not order =)."

In addition, he added, Instagram has a special team to look at ads that are considered contrary to the rules of the community. This team works 24 hours in 50 countries.

"In our community guidelines, it is clear that all types of sales and purchases must comply with the law.There are only billions of advertising content on Instagram and it is difficult to examine them one by one" Putri explained.

"The review is manual, so we have teams around the world for all content, including ads, and they are in 24 countries around the clock to review user reports," he said.

Asked how long it would take the team to review the ads that will be shown, Instagram said the team would review it twice a day.

"Advertising is reviewed twice a day and if it does not fit, it will be rejected," Putri concluded.

In addition, Putri revealed that Instagram users in Indonesia had started posting a number of annoying and irrelevant ads when they appeared on their Instagram account.

"This is high, the Indonesians have started to realize, they are not just reports because they violate the guidelines of the community, but also because they do not like to be boring or irrelevant, we must inevitably see ads, "said Putri.
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