Google Records 23 Thousands of Keywords Wanted During Ramadan

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Google Records 23 Thousands of Keywords Wanted During Ramadan

Google Records 23 Thousands of Keywords Wanted During Ramadan

Google recorded 23 thousand keywords in its search feature during Ramadan. User-searched keywords related to food, beverages, clothing, electronic goods, travel, personal care, telecommunications, and activities during fasting.

Google groups these keywords into four categories, namely Supporting Information on Worship, Food in Ramadan, Best, Latest and Cheapest Items and Religious Content.

"They are looking for this information to help carry out worship in the holy month of Ramadan," said Google Indonesia head of marketing Veronica Utami, interrupted by exposure to the Google Ramadan feature, in South Jakarta, Thursday (5/16).

Veronica explained that the search feature recorded an increase of up to 40 percent compared to previous months. In addition to the search feature, Google also records that internet access activity increases during Ramadan, including on download numbers in the Play Store and YouTube app stores.

Increased number of download applications on the Google Play Store is recorded at up to 20 percent.

"There is an increase in media consumption on mobile phones. 40 percent increase in Google Search searches. We have more activity because people wake up early for sahur, while lunch also seems to be increasing," he said.

Furthermore, Veronica also said that the consumption of YouTube videos increased by 40 percent. This number is obtained by Google based on the user's watch time on the top 100 channels on YouTube.

"The time to watch via YouTube is 40 percent higher. When sahur people also watch videos. Then they usually eat lunch, now they spend about 1 hour watching videos on YouTube," he explained.
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