Experts question psychological reasons in the social sciences

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Experts question psychological reasons in the social sciences

Experts question psychological reasons in the social sciences

Trubus Rahadiansyah, an expert in public policy, considers that the psychological factor of the Minister of Communication and Information, Rudiantara, of restricting access to photos and videos on social media, is debatable.

Yesterday (22/5), interrupted by a press conference in the Kemenkopolhukam office, Mr. Rudiantara said that the government had decided to limit access to social media to stop the proliferation of hoaxes linked to the Action of May 22 . Rudiantara said psychologically that scattered photos and videos could ignite people's emotions.

"Because it is negative, the government adopts a policy of limitation, but the problem is psychological, it is questionable because the psychological reasons are reasons too general and universal and can not be used as specific reasons" Trubus explained when contacted by CNNIndonesia.com. Thursday (23/5)

Trubus said that as if access restrictions were not based on government studies with experts and experts to discuss the impact of restrictions on access to social media.

According to him, psychological reasons are indeed a very common reason. He also stated that if negative content information could lead others to act negatively, it was often broadcast repeatedly.

"If this is the case now, psychology must be considered, because the content or content of social media can influence the behavior of others.The government should organize public consultations with experts and experts to obtain policies that , in my opinion, are appropriate and measurable, detrimental to society, "he added.

Trubus also found the government's attitude too slow in dealing with the negative effects of social medicine. Negative content such as hate speech, pornography, and radicalism have long been active in the world of social media.

"The government, why is it so long now that there has been political turmoil, has it then adopted a policy of limitation, it should have been well prepared in the long run. to be overcome, "he said.

Trubus hopes the government, in this case Kominfo, can strengthen the detection of negative content on social media.

Communication and information technologies must be able to regulate the management of negative content contained in the ITE law.

"The government should have a screening or selection policy, and the government needs to adopt a policy of restrictions to determine what content is limited and what content can be accessed by the public," he said.

Nonetheless, Trubus said it agreed to restrictions on access to social media to prevent the spread of hoaxes linked to the May 22nd demonstration threatening the unitary state unit of the Republic of Indonesia. He pointed out that restrictions on access to social media had been put in place in stages and in the meantime.

"In this context, I agree that it must be limited to two-thirds, which means that the situation is very critical, a special policy is put in place and lasts only a few days progressively," he said.
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