Elon Musk Ejects Amazon's Moon Landing Project

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Elon Musk Ejects Amazon's Moon Landing Project

Elon Musk Ejects Amazon's Moon Landing Project

The founder of the spacecraft company Elon Musk mocked the plan for landing on the moon of Amazon, which was officially presented Friday (10/5).

Musk posted a note on his official Twitter account saying "Oh, stop making fun of Jeff" while uploading new images related to the launch of Amazon's Moon landing.

Reported by CNBC, Musk had called Amazon chief Jeff Bezos "copier". Because, Bezos asked a SpaceX manager, namely Rajeev Badyal, to manage the Amazon satellite project, which prompted Musk to immediately fire Badyal.

The founder of Amazon and responsible for the space company Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos, announced his intention to land on the Moon.

In a presentation in Washington, the 55-year-old man showed a large ship model leading to the moon, which he called "Blue Moon". This ship weighs over three tons empty and can carry 3.6 tons on the surface of the moon.

Blue Moon is also supported by four feet, with a top deck where equipment can be repaired. Large tank to accommodate the liquid nitrogen fuel occupies its center.

However, Bezos did not announce specific dates for the first launch of the project. For its part, Blue Origin said it was able to fulfill the goals announced by President Donald Trump to "send" people back to the moon in 2024.

In addition, Blue Moon will be able to carry scientific instruments, four independent directions and future human pressure vehicles.

The goal is to land at the South Pole of the Moon, where the ice deposits were confirmed in 2018. Water can be harnessed to produce hydrogen, which can in turn trigger a future exploration of the system. solar.
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