13 million IDR 20 million personal data

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13 million IDR 20 million personal data

13 million IDR 20 million personal data

Digital Judicial Experts Find Out That 7.5 Billion Public Personal Data Have Been Disclosed Around the World Ruby Alamsyah, CEO of Digital Forensic Indonesia, said the hackers had sold 13 million data at a price of Rp. 20 million on the dark web and the deep web.

Ruby explained that the hackers had chosen the payment method using the crypto-currency. Because cryptocurrency for hackers is harder to track.

"If they prefer to be paid via Bitcoin because it is difficult to track them, 13 million data is valued at 20 million Rp and they prefer to be paid via Bitcoin," said Ruby during a discussion on protection personal data (PDP) at the office of the agency Siber Sandi Negara, South Jakarta, Monday (27/5).

Ruby explained that in Indonesia, data leaks did not come solely from e-commerce or fintech. But also a portal for job seekers from Jobstreet to LinkedIn.

"Data leaks also occur at lower levels, such as information on alumni data, including Yahoo's, and in recent years online portals in Indonesia have been attacked, probably because of the high number of 'novice users,' said Ruby.

Ruby stated that data had been disclosed in the form of full names, addresses, emails, cell phone numbers, encrypted passwords and IP addresses. Ruby said one of the data leaks came from electronic commerce with Unicorn status in Indonesia.

However, Ruby was disappointed when the government believed that e-commerce had declared that there was no data leak. Although Ruby's government could do digital forensics to prove whether the data was disclosed or not.

Ruby suspects that among the data disclosed, there is national data disclosed. He said that because several parties tried to threaten national security.

"From there, according to a deeper analysis, not only the private data of the community, we are concerned about the national security problems in the presence of certain parties whose data must be confidential and unpublished and which contain data" said Ruby. .
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