Toyota wants a hybrid vehicle for Blue Bird Toyota wants a hybrid vehicle for Blue Bird

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Toyota wants a hybrid vehicle for Blue Bird Toyota wants a hybrid vehicle for Blue Bird

Toyota wants a hybrid vehicle for Blue Bird Toyota wants a hybrid vehicle for Blue Bird

PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) is looking at Blue Bird's new technological breakthrough to integrate electric vehicles into its fleet. TAM opens as a supplier, but is called as long as the hybrid type is not pure electricity.

We know that Blue Bird is preparing a pure electric taxi that would be the result of cooperation with a Chinese brand called BYD.

The observation of electric minivan predicted by BYD e6 with the Blue Bird logo has appeared in the world of the Internet.

TAM General Director Fransiscus Soerjopranoto said his party was interested in cooperation with Blue Bird for the supply of electric vehicles.

So far, TAM is the largest supplier of Blue Bird. Toyota vehicles that have been used as fleets include Soluna, Limo, Avanza and Alphard.

"As I said, Blue Bird acted alone (electric taxi) but I do not know if the government is involved or not, but the fact is that if Blue Bird wants to use a hybrid, we are ready," Soerjopranoto said when he was met by CNNIndonesia.com in the Senayan area, south of Jakarta, on Thursday (4/4) night.

According to Soerjo, his best friend, Toyota's hybrid technology has been recognized in several countries through the sale of the Prius. In fact, according to him, the taxi fleets in Singapore are currently using the Prius.

In addition to the Prius, Toyota cars pinned to hybrid technology include the Camry and Alphard brands, both of which are marketed in the country.

"We are open if we sell the Prius with some of the hybrid models we sell," he said.

"Stubborn Hybrid"

With regard to hybridization advice, according to Soerjo, technology combining conventional and electric motors is suitable for current conditions in Indonesia, which still does not fully support pure electric vehicles. The state of readiness of the infrastructures, in particular the general electric charge, is a concern.

What Soerjo delivered was consistent with the strategy of the principal, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), who wanted a broader open hybrid market. TMC is known for inviting everyone, including its competitors, to access the Prius' hybrid technology.

Fifteen thousand Prius patents can be studied free of charge by anyone until 2030. TMC is also ready to provide consultation on the service of hybrid vehicles and components of electric motors, power converters and competing batteries.

The TMC strategy is understood as an effort to make the global hybrid market bigger. TMC thinks that the hybrid is an alternative before the era of pure electricity.

"I always see that the hybrid is a solution.Now, all the players in the industry are rich in noise, want to make electric vehicles, what infrastructure, what components.If the hybrid is the solution, because if there is a charging station, simply charge, if there is no use of gasoline, "said Soerjo.

Soerjo added that Toyota is still not sure about electric vehicles in Indonesia.

In addition to infrastructure, the Indonesian government has so far been told not to have generated regulations to support electric cars.

Blue Bird is reluctant to respond to the project of using an electric taxi. The company with the Blue Bird logo explained that electric taxis could be made for the sake of commercial innovation and more efficient use of energy.
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