The Way Yamaha saves the Xmax strike during touring

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The Way Yamaha saves the Xmax strike during touring

The Way Yamaha saves the Xmax strike during touring

Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) launched Tuesday (16/4) a new 24-hour Yamaha Executive Service (YES24) specifically for local Xmax consumers.

YES24 to anticipate the problems faced by owners who drive their motorbikes on long trips or on tour. Considered to be Yamaha, the service provides a sense of comfort to Xmax owners.

YES24 was initially only offered by Yamaha to consumers of imported products, but this time, it was decided to also give Xmax. Yamaha also stated that similar services could be offered for the R25 and MT25.

This service can be used at any time to ask for help when towing, between gasoline, battery box and flat tires. In addition, the 1-500-552 hotline can also be contacted in an emergency.

For Xmax consumers produced in 2019, this service is provided free for two years with a membership card. Xmax consumers from 2017 to 2018 can also obtain YES24 services, but are charged 50,000 rupees for services provided for one year.

YES24, which stands for 'Stand by', is one of two new YIMM service concepts. In addition, YIMM also offers a "Security" service, which is part of the Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) program.

YRA is a YIMM training program that contains theories and pedagogical practices on motorcycle safety.

YRA is now open to the general public, and not just Yamaha motorcycle owners, via online registration accessible via the official Yamaha Indonesia website.

YIMM President Minoru Morimoto explained that "Standby" and "Safety" services were accompanied by 3S (Sales, Maintenance, Spare Parts) services provided by authorized Yamaha dealers in the country.

"From today, we call our new concept, Yamaha's commitment, 5S (sales, service, spare parts, standby, security) .That means we are ready to provide services to the community "said Morimoto.

YIMM currently has 1,100 3S dealers, of which approximately 360 are upscale stores that can serve up to 5S.
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