The transmission of Confero S ACT is doubtful, here is the answer of Wuling

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The transmission of Confero S ACT is doubtful, here is the answer of Wuling

The transmission of Confero S ACT is doubtful, here is the answer of Wuling

The semi-accelerated Wuling Confero 1500 ACT semi-accelerated transmission in Indonesia offers a different transmission system in the low-MP segment. Confero S ACT as a complement to the Confero conference range in Indonesia, previously reserved for manual transmissions.

Confero ACT is called Wuling and uses a new transmission system in the domestic segment of "cheap cars".

Consumers are more familiar with automatic and manual transmissions, each designed for the pleasure of driving in and out of the city.

"It's a manual transmission with an easy automatic transmission, but in the light commercial segment there are still more manual cars and we really want to offer a manual transmission but something new, a manual feel. but yes automatic, "said Dian, Wuling Indonesia Brand Manager, Dian Asmahani at the Sentul Circuit, West Java, Monday (4/22).

According to Dian, Confero S ACT is a vehicle product that demonstrates the commitment of Wuling Indonesia.

Wuling Indonesia has an automatic transmission i-AMT (automated automatic transmission) that allows to change gears automatically, but it is not as smart as the conventional automatic transmission. i-AMT is integrated into 1,800 cc of Cortez.

The driving ACT conference may be different, as the driver's hands still need to change gears. Points and no need to step on the clutch when driving Confero S ACT. This can be compared to a "gear" motorcycle but to a gear shift without clutch.

The ACT transmission family car is still relatively new in Indonesia, but Wuling needs to educate consumers to get the products accepted by consumers.

Dian explained that Wuling Indonesia had a reason to introduce Confero S ACT rather than the "pure" automatic transmission of Confero S.

"In this low MPV class, the market for manual transmission is still very high, whether in all brands or even if the data is weak." The manual transmission market is still very high. offer it (ACT) because there is no Clutch. "

In China, ACT transmission has been recorded.

Honguang S3 has been launched in recent years. Conferos S ACT is supposed to bring a new driving sensation because it is quite different in the operation of transmission gears.

"The key is to do it, try it first, we are confident with the e-clutch we brought because it offered a convenience that was already effective," concluded Dian.
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