The final design of electric scooters is suitable for IIMS

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The final design of electric scooters is suitable for IIMS

The final design of electric scooters is suitable for IIMS

Gesits Technologies Indo (GTI) has confirmed the official opening of the Gesits electric scooter drive at the International Motor Show of Indonesia (IIMS), which will open on 25 April 2019. According to GTI CEO Harun Sjech, will present Gesits with the final design for mass production.

So far, it is known that GTI has introduced five prototypes that have been introduced periodically since IIMS 2015.

"At this IIMS, the goal is to officially introduce, not another prototype, but a production version. We will launch commercially at IIMS, "Harun told Jakarta on Tuesday (23/4).

Harun also explained the introduction of IIMS to mark the start of retail sales. GTI will unveil the latest Gesits specifications, the delivery schedule of units to consumers, and the mentioned price does not exceed 30 million IDR.

So far, GTI claims to have received a stake in the order of nearly 30,000 units of Gesits. The amount is divided into 7,000 retail units of interest and the rest is interested in the purchase of fleet from various private agencies and the government, including the interest of President Joko Widodo, who has already declared wanting to buy 100 units.

"That's what we will change into SPK (vehicle reservation letter) by placing an order, with down payment, etc. Of course, priority will be given to those who have the first pivot," said Harun.

Gesits electric scooters are manufactured in the Cileungsi factory, which has a production capacity of 50,000 units per year. Harun explained the capacity of shift work and could reach 100,000 units per year.
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