Samsung creates the millennial generation of the TV

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Samsung creates the millennial generation of the TV

Samsung has officially introduced three television products inspired by the characteristics, tastes and lifestyles of the current millennial generation. The three thousand-year-old television products are named The Sero, The Serif and The Frame.

Quoted from the official page, Samsung has long analyzed the characteristics of the millennium generation, familiar with various smart phones. That's why Samsung presents the Sero TV with the latest concept, which comes in the form of a vertical screen.

"Samsung Electronics continues to launch innovative products that have made TV an industry leader for years," said Han Jong Hee, president of Samsung Video Display Business.

In addition, Samsung also argued that its first vertical television was also based on most mobile phone content presented in the form of vertical screens.

Sero is manufactured by a ginseng technology company. It is possible to synchronize the screen on cellular devices and vertical screens by performing a simple mirroring function based on NFC (short-range wireless communication), games, videos, and so on.

"Vertical screens are optimized for content on a user's mobile phone, so it can be used to display the entire content," said Jong Hee.

Samsung says that the vertical screen is not just about giving the impression of looking at a complete screen, but of testing sound performance. Sero TV is equipped with high-end 4.1-channel and 60-watt speakers.

Sero TV specifications can be used to play various streaming music services such as Samsung Music and music lists stored on the user's smartphone. When the Sero is not used, the Sero can also be used as a picture frame viewer or music.

Mention Samsung is also planning to provide an audio assistant similar to the Google assistant, Bixby Samsung, as reported by Tech Crunch. The Sero itself will go on sale in Korea at the end of May and sell for US $ 16,000.

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