Kaspersky records 50 million cyberattacks in Indonesia in 2018

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Kaspersky records 50 million cyberattacks in Indonesia in 2018

Kaspersky records 50 million cyberattacks in Indonesia in 2018

Kaspersky Lab has recorded 50 million online attacks against Indonesian netizens in 2018. This represents an increase of 240% over 2017.

This fact finally put Indonesia in 20th place among the countries with the highest number of online attacks in 2018, where 38.80% of users were almost infected with this type of threat.

Overall, Kaspersky Lab detected at least 50,025,386 online attacks on computers using Kaspersky Security Network in Indonesia.

In 2017, only 14 million additional threats were detected. In the past two years, 77.12% of Internet threats have been detected by personal users, compared to 22.88% for business users.

"The increase in online threats between 2017 and 2018 can be seen as a worldwide trend, where potential factors can range from mobile threats, banking Trojan horses, leafminers, adware and riskware", said Suguru Ishimaru, security researcher at Kaspersky Lab Japan officially received by CNNIndonesia.com on Wednesday (24/04).

Kaspersky then suggested effective measures to protect against online threats.

First, increase access control capabilities with strong passwords. Second, update the software regularly and correctly follow all the requirements.

Third, protect your network from cyberattacks by filtering out unauthorized access and malicious content.

Fourth, implement security patches and make sure the security of all computer systems is maintained. Fifth, use a reliable security solution that can provide the latest defense against dangerous online attacks
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