Harmful, limitation of steel road slings should be examined

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Harmful, limitation of steel road slings should be examined

Harmful, limitation of steel road slings should be examined

The use of non-user friendly traffic material attributes to road users must be eliminated. The government needs to create safe and comfortable conditions for road users.

Jakarta defensive driving consultant training, director of Jusri Pulubuhu, assessed the number of deaths immediately with the condition of the head separated from her body, after crushing the bridle of the road Monday (8 of 4) , so that steel slings serving as road separations are removed.

"Yes, the government should have started focusing on installing tools, signs or visible signs on the body and shoulders or areas accessible to users, the system is secure as much as possible," said Jusri by phone to CNNIndonesia. com on Friday (12/4))

"If the question is about the sling part (steel wire) of the equipment, it looks like it is starting to think that it has been eliminated, otherwise it will make victims just like the case yesterday."

On the basis of Commissioner Sutomo's statement from the Depok Police Precinct Traffic Section, the victim had only one accident when he had just returned from his workplace in the Jakarta area.

Jusri did not blame the local government for using steel slings to keep people from crossing the road without worrying about anything. But it is necessary to review the impact on road users, especially motorists.

Jusri explained that the community has the right to sue the government if the infrastructure put in place is dangerous to cause death.

"It must be examined, the object is safe or not, so do not make a road, we already know that the highway has never been safe before, but do not put it in" grenades and mines ". We should have cleaners for mines "This," said Jusri.

Police response

Commissioner Sutomo of the Depok Police Section, chief of traffic, acknowledged that the use of steel barriers on road dividers had proved dangerous, especially for motorists involved in accidents. He suggested to the local government (Pemda) of the city of Depok to think about the safety side of every user of the road.

"We, the police, are only giving advice, the regional government." Previously, the iron rope was installed so that no one could cross carelessly, because the students were killed at that time. so decided to use a sling, "Sutomo said.

In addition, Sutomo called on all motorists to remain cautious. Avoid fast lanes, especially in less favorable conditions, such as drowsiness.

"So the public is asked not to cross the fast lane, the bike is slow, because the fast lane is risky because in Margonda there is a slow and fast separator," said Sutomo.
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