5 tips for maintaining the security of a Twitter account

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5 tips for maintaining the security of a Twitter account

5 tips for maintaining the security of a Twitter account

There is little time, the media were led by a case of misappropriation of social media account of Twitter, president of the Legal Division and advocacy of the Democratic Party, Ferdinand Hutahaean. Following the piracy case, Ferdinand reported the case to the investigative agency on the Judicial Police (Bareskrim) Tuesday (2/4).

To avoid this, five tricks can be applied to secure a user's Twitter account.

1. Twitter only contacts users via an app or email sent from @ twitter.com

In his official blog, Twitter revealed that he had never asked users to provide passwords via email, direct message or reply.

"We will never ask you to download something or enter on a website other than Twitter.com. We will never contact you via other social channels, such as WhatsApp. Never open attachments or do not install any software from emails claiming to be from us sent from the email address @ twitter.com. It's not on our team! "wrote Twitter's official blog.

2. Enable connection verification and verify the password reset.

Enabling the connection verification or factor authentication (2FA) provides an extra layer of security for accounts by sending a password to disposable cell phone user.

If the verification of password resets means that if a user forgets a password, it will be asked to enter an email address and / or phone number to send the reset password link.

3. Do not click on suspicious or unknown links.

If someone sends a link user on Twitter that looks suspicious, even if it comes from a known person. Twitter warns not to click on it.

If a user clicks on a link and ends up on a page that looks like a Twitter login page, do not enter your username or password. Instead, open twitter.com and log in directly from the Twitter homepage.

4. Do not ignore emails sent from @ twitter.com.

Twitter reveals that he sometimes sends an email about the security of his account and that it is very important that users read it. For example, we'll send an email about when a user enters a Twitter account from a new device for the first time.

"We will send this information to users by email as part of additional security measures. Whenever the email address associated with a Twitter account has changed, we will send an email to the address e- Previously used email in your account.If your account is compromised or hacked, these steps will help you recover your account, "said Twitter.

5. Use strong passwords that are not used on other websites.

The user's password must be at least 10 characters long and use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Use password, no password. Do not use words or phrases from the general dictionary.
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