5 jokes about April Fool's Day 2019

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5 jokes about April Fool's Day 2019

5 jokes about April Fool's Day 2019

The April fool's tradition, which is understood in various countries as a "legal day to lie" or the time to make jokes, has also hit the circles of the automobile. We know that various world-famous brands produce at least one content on April 1, which could deceive the public.

Not only the general public, but in some cases the content is sometimes in the form of official information material, which is ultimately consumed by journalists and already presented as information until it is finally achieved in the form of 'humor.

Here are five choices of car jokes that CNNIndonesia.com chooses from dozens of April Fool 2019 content:

1. Jeep Sedan

Jeep has long been known for its toughness in SUVs, but this year, the American brand has announced that it will get out of the routine by preparing for the launch of the sedan.

The Jeep Middle East is uploading a four-door sedan image with a typical Jeep grille to an official social media account. It seems that the designer designed the image from the base of the Chrysler 300 sedan and added the Cherokee face.

2. Honda sells a half-box version of the CR-V

After winning record plate wins at April Mop with emojis in 2016, this year Honda tried to joke with the CR-V Roadster. Honda promises to sell it in the UK on April 1st.

Instead of revising the design, Honda's designers seemed to cut only half of the CR-V's cabin to produce a car without a roof. Honda imagined selling the car at half price, because part of his bodywork was losing half.

3. Kia Touchscreen Steering

The second producer in South Korea has jokes about the younger generation. Kia introduced a new steering wheel design in the form of a touchscreen car control unit that uses it as with a smart phone.

How to use it, "swipe right" and "swipe left" to control direction, then "swipe up" and "swipe down" to change gears. In addition to this, touch the screen once to turn on the horn.

This feature was done by the Atlantic Premonition Research Institute Limited, which was named
Optimum lever operated by fingers or abbreviated FOOL.

4. Fur adds aerodynamics to the McLaren

Supercars are known for their exotic and athletic bodies with extremely large engines. It is also common that the price is exorbitant, since all that is planned is not common in other cars.

One of the supercars, the McLaren 570GT, is a distant image on April Fool's Day. McLaren has gone to the next level in terms of exterior design by wrapping the 570GT with 10,000 artificial carbon fiber bird feathers.

He added that it took 300 hours to install it by hand and that this application contributed to the aerodynamics, even if its total weight had increased by 2.5 kg. When the 570GT scissors door opened, its silhouette looked like a big bird.

5. Toyota HiAce without roof

Toyota Australia suddenly announced that it was starting to offer the first HiAce convertible utility car in the world. This car is expected to go on sale next month and is exclusive to the Australian market.

This roofless version would be available on all HiAce variants, including Long Wheelbase variants for two passengers and Long Wheelbase (SLWB). In addition to this, this version also features an oven for baking cookies at the back called PieAce.
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